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November 10, 2004

EC v. Microsoft...Again

In another show of concern for Microsoft the European Commission has sent a “statement of objection” to the software giant, along with Time Warner and ContentGuard, regarding the former two’s joint takeover of the latter. 

The Business Standard reports that the reason for the EC’s worries is that it fears a takeover by Microsoft and Time Warner of ContentGuard would increase Microsoft’s dominance in the market for digital-rights management.  This deal would give Microsoft control over key technologies in the digital media market.  This technology is important to the development of digital entertainment because it “controls the way consumers use online music and films.”

While the Commission's concern does not necessarily mean that it will block the deal, The Register reports that a final decision is due in January. 

In a related note the European Commission has decided it will pursue its antitrust case against Microsoft despite its recent settlement with Novell.

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