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February 18, 2005

Ohio State Coach Alleges Breach of Contract

Jim O’Brien, former Ohio State’s men’s basketball coach, is suing the University for violating the terms of the contract when he was fired some time last year.  O’Brien alleges that that Ohio State owes him about $3.5 million dollars.  O’Brien’s lawyer, Joseph Murray believes that awarding O’Brien the amount requested is in accordance with the law, but that it may not be such a popular move for the University.

O’Brien is seeking this award without a trial.  O’Brien was terminated last year after he admitted to giving $6,000 to a basketball recruit in the 1999 season. As a result, Ohio State ordered a one-year postseason tournament ban on the men’s basketball team.  O’Brien alleges that his contract with the University only allowed for termination without compensation only for narrow situations. 

In O’Brien’s contract, it required that Ohio State not terminate him without compensation for alleged NCAA violations unless the NCAA started a large-scale investigation and sanctioned the school.  O’Brien was terminated before the NCAA started an investigation.  Representatives of Ohio State claimed that they acted well within their authority with O’Brien’s termination.  O’Brien was terminated with five years left on his contract.

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