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November 27, 2005

OJ Simpson "Almost a Ute"

If you are a college football fan, here is a strange story from the LA Times:

Almost a Ute: Before he enrolled at USC, O.J. Simpson went to the University of Utah on a recruiting trip. It was the summer of 1966 and Utah coach Mike Giddings, a former USC assistant, wanted Simpson. The coach handed the future Heisman Trophy winner over to several players for a get-acquainted session. Among them was an offensive lineman named Norm Chow, who would eventually become the Trojans' offensive coordinator under Coach Pete Carroll.

According to Giddings in "Conquest," Simpson committed to Utah that day, signing a letter of intent. But when Simpson returned home, a tenacious USC assistant, Marv Goux, persuaded him to enroll in junior college for one more year in order to join the Trojans.

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